Road Dreams

Road Dreams: fleeting impressions of the West captured from the passenger’s seat of a speeding auto (and a few stops along the way).

Early In 2011, I accepted an unusual assignment from a Japanese Public Television, NHK, documentary director.  He proposed a film about the mood of the U.S.,10 years after 9/11.  He wanted to film me and my son, Seth (who was 2nd still and video camera), on a cross country road trip, photographing his story – the family of a fallen fire fighter in New York, a Montana cafe owner who hired and protected undocumented workers, an Iraqi couple whose home, business, and family were destroyed by U.S. bombs, and among other people/topics, Manzanar, the Mojave Desert  concentration camp, where some of the 110,000  “relocated” Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II.  After 9/11 the Japanese Americans that held an annual remembrance ceremony there, invited American Muslims to join them in prayer and dance – sisters and brothers in unjustified discrimination.   ***UNFINISHED – TO BE CONTINUED

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