Children of War: Bosnia

Ethnic hatred roars through the Balkans leaving maimed and emotionally scarred children in its wake.

In a refugee camp near Split, Croatia, Bernes, 6, stares into the lens as his grandmother sobs. He says that he will take care of his brother Eldin, 3, right, but wants to go home to find his father. His father is feared dead.

Amela Basic, 1, is held by her grandmother in a Bosnian refugee camp outside of Posusje. Her mother is missing. Her father is in a Serb concentration camp. Amela is suffering from severe diahrea and is in danger of becoming dangerously dehydrated.


In a refugee camp near Mostar, Bosnia, a young girl is held by her mother. Her father was taken away by Serbian soldiers.  They hope he is in a concentration camp.

Before she and her mother were driven from their home, Edina Karabasic, 12, was forced into an abandoned home with 3 other girls. While 2 of the others were being raped by Serbian irregulars, she and her friend escaped through a broken window.


Asmir Kadijic, 7, holds his and his mother’s ration of canned spam like meat. Asmir found the bodies of his father, uncle and grandfather, lying in front of his house, shortly after they were executed by Serbian soldiers.

Yasmina Salqech and her 11-month-old daughter Edita, in their tent in a refugee camp near Split

A tattooed Bosnian soldier and his son outside what is left of their favorite Mostar café

Mostar boys ride their bikes through the shelled remains of their neighborhood.


Ivan Miilos, 9, is examined in a hospital in Mostar. He was hit by shrapnel while lying in his bed.


5 year old Olja Radulovic almost bled to death after she was hit in the back and legs by shrapnel from a mortar shell as she and her sister played in her garden during a Serbian “cease fire.”

Olja’s 3-year-old sister Sanja was killed instantly in the explosion. She is buried in Mostar’s once beautiful Liska Park. All the city’s cemeteries are full and now the parks are being converted.

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